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Who we are

Our private wealth teams have the experience, expertise and emotional intelligence to understand and meet the sophisticated needs of each client.

Whether you are looking for wealth preservation strategies, enhancing portfolio yield, investing for future generations, or perhaps executing your legacy plan.  Whatever your objective, we will help guide you on your journey.

Each of our private wealth advisors serves a limited number of individual investors or family offices, so that we can give each client the dedication and time they deserve. Our belief is that no two clients can ever have the same solution since each, and every individual has their unique cultural, family and financial background that must be captured within an optimal solution, tailored for them. 

Our global reach and access to market leading financial products and services allows us to identify exclusive opportunities to diversify and grow your investments


Our Key Personnel

Jignasha Patel

Executive Director

Jignasha is a passionate advocate of enabling business growth and transformations through best practice executive management and governance. As an experienced commercial business leader with more than 25 years executive management experience leading diverse teams, portfolios and revenue streams in multiple countries, she has consistently delivered exceptional results in growth and business transformation while maintaining a strong bottom line.

Throughout her distinguished career, Jignasha has also brought long term strategic and commercial focus to the boards she has served and encouraged management to create strategies supporting long term shareholder and stakeholder value creation. She has served in independent governance roles at NZ Post Limited (Deputy Chair, Acting Chair Finance, Audit Risk and Director), NZ Post Superannuation Plan (Chair and Trustee) and Te Hononga Akoranga COMET (Trustee).

Experience gained on the commercial and non-profit boards had reinforced Jignasha’s belief in long term value creation through a collaboration and engagement model with diverse communities and building cross industry partnerships. Her enthusiasm for exploring new ideas and opportunities with fellow board members fuels her commitment to shaping a prosperous future for enterprises in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Currently, Jignasha holds the position of Director Enterprise, Finance, and Property at Auckland War Memorial Museum, where she continues to leverage her extensive expertise. Additionally, she serves as a Board Trustee for Te Hononga Akoranga COMET. Jignasha is a proud member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Institute of Directors (NZ) and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, highlighting her commitment to professional excellence in her field.

Jignasha Patel

John Cooper

Independent Director

John is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the Financial Services sector, having served in senior positions within global organisations. His expertise lies in Process Improvement, Change Management, and Business Transformation, where he has consistently achieved substantial cost, efficiency and time savings across end-to-end processes and transformation initiatives.

Through his extensive interactions with both internal and external stakeholders across diverse geographies and cultures, John adeptly forges robust relationships and develops a comprehensive understanding of business deliverables. This enables him to establish long-term partnerships and capitalise on future business opportunities.

Renowned for his experience and expertise, John is frequently sought out by senior leaders to tackle complex business challenges. His pragmatic and inquisitive approach, coupled with a diverse toolkit,
empowers him to effectively analyse and resolve problems.

John Cooper

Prasann Patel

Head of Portfolio & Risk Management

Prasann is an accomplished and intellectually astute individual, renowned for his unwavering drive and exceptional focus. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, he has emerged as a stalwart in the realm of Global Markets Portfolio Risk Management.

As the Chief Investment Officer of a prestigious and long-standing enterprise, Prasann has exemplified his expertise by crafting intricate and sophisticated debt and equity structures, transcending national boundaries. His profound acumen in private equity transactions has garnered unparalleled success for global clients.

At the core of Prasann’s investment philosophy lies his unwavering commitment to risk management. His keen understanding of the intricacies of risk has allowed him to navigate the dynamic market landscape with precision and finesse. Prasann excels in perceiving the broader picture, adeptly deciphering the unique requirements of clients, and delivering bespoke solutions to optimize their risk positions.

Prasann’s greatest asset lies in his remarkable ability to distill even the most intricate concepts into comprehensible terms, ensuring clients possess a profound understanding and can make informed decisions. His adeptness in simplifying complex matters is unparalleled, empowering clients to navigate the intricate world of investments with confidence and clarity.

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